I’m the kid who has this habit of dreaming that sometimes gets me in trouble too

But the truth is…

I could no more stop dreaming than I could make them all come true

Lyrics from “The Kid” by David Wilcox

Don’t we all have dreams we would love to pursue? Think it’s impossible? These great people didn’t:

Tony Everett had a dream. While a busy professional raising a family, Tony dreamed of improving the lives of kids in need, of building character in kids and of using his beloved game of soccer as the vehicle – The Pure Game was born. Today, The Pure Game serves thousands of underserved kids and is creating the lives of dreams for kids, many of whom lack this kind of inspiration elsewhere in their lives.

Tony was a regular guy with a job and a family, but he had a dream. The Pure Game now continues to grow beyond soccer into a variety of developmental initiatives – the future of service now seems limitless, and it all started with Tony’s dream.

What is your dream? Not all of us (including me) are up for going as big as Tony did, starting something from scratch. However, dreams come in many shapes and sizes.

Dan McQuaid had a dream. When he took over as CEO of the what was then Volunteer Center of Orange County in 2005, he dreamed of building a community resource that would supercharge the social impact of nonprofits as well as the companies in our community. He led a transformation into OneOC, which has become a leading voice in our community not only for volunteerism, but also for increasing social responsibility of local companies while also advancing the process & resource effectiveness of a great many of the nonprofits in our community. This has contributed to a growing culture of social impact through a nonprofit community that models increasingly

more effective business performance to compliment the “heart” of their mission.

Dan didn’t start the organization, but he led its transformation into a much more powerful influence; it all started with Dan’s dream.

Maybe your dream is to create something new like Tony or to build something special like Dan, but maybe your dream is just to become something new – to see the world in a new way. Who knows, there may be nothing standing in your way.

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