A Relationship Story
The Entrepreneur in Us All

What does it really mean to be entrepreneurial? It’s easy to think of “entrepreneur” from a narrow-view perspective – the business person running his own show. I can relate to this view, as I never thought of myself as entrepreneurial when I was in my corporate life, and I truly feel like I’m now “running my own show” (even though I am part of a wonderful firm) since it’s really up to me to build my own business.

However, there is a more universal meaning of “entrepreneurial” that can be identified with by so many more people…

Here’s what I mean. Think about the choices you face every day relative to: (1) doing things the way they have always been done, or (2) trying something new. Just being brave enough to envision new possibilities is really entrepreneurial.

The creativity to envision new ideas, coupled with the nerve to step out and try them – key elements of an entrepreneurial life. You don’t have to run your own business to be a difference maker. You just have to broaden your view of possibility.

Here are some great examples:

“Entrepreneur” is: The ability to see things differently from others and help them learn.

“Entrepreneur” is: Finding ways to waste less and less of your time (and life) by doing things smarter all the time.

“Entrepreneur” is (even this): Proactively solving a problem between yourself and another person, thereby making the relationship work productively versus counterproductively.

Many of us who do not qualify under the conventional definition of entrepreneur may really be: (1) changing ourselves and others for the better in behavior or thought, (2) adding significant value to people and circumstances through creative energy, or (3) living bravely by trusting our own instincts and doing what we think is right.

People who do these things are entrepreneurial just like business owners. They take risks, they are passionate about their ideas and beliefs, and they care about themselves and others enough to try and make a difference. If you are one of these people, give yourself a gift by recognizing these as achievements, give yourself credit for them, and look for ways you can help others see the value they bring to their own life by doing the same.

In the inventive and enlightening marketing book for entrepreneurs, First, Best, or Different by John Bradley Jackson, a wealth of ideas are shared about how the entrepreneur can best position for success. While the book is designed for business owners under the conventional definition of “entrepreneur”, its simple and straightforward thinking offers insight to us all about enriching ourselves in our new and broader definition of living entrepreneurially.

Thank you for sharing time with me. I welcome your thoughts and comments.

Book Recommendation: First, Best, or Different – What Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know About Niche Marketing by John Bradley Jackson. View John’s Blog at http://firstbestordifferent.com/blog


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