I often need to remind myself to be grateful. However, when I look in our dog Vinny’s eyes, I realize that he lives his entire life in gratitude. He loves being in the house, but he doesn’t resent being relegated to outside. The look in his eyes never seems to change…and he is grateful for everything he gets.

Why do we often need to remind ourselves of all the wonderful things we have but take for granted? Like you, I deal with challenges daily, or even moment to moment, and sometimes let those issues – well really, let the fear that underlies those “issues” – move ahead of gratitude and love on the big picture priority list. I need to get over myself and the belief that these momentary challenges are actually as important as they seem at the moment.

The people in my life, like the people in Vinny’s life, are what’s most important. When facing challenges and the fear that comes with them, I really need to remember the image of my dog’s grateful eyes and know that whatever I’m facing pales in comparison with the gifts my fortunate life is given every day.

I wish perspective for you on how fortunate we all are to live these lives.

Thanks for sharing time with me; as always, I welcome your feedback.  Please feel free to pass this message along to others who may find value.