Culture Matters – A Case Study in Purpose
I wanted to offer insight into the profile of one of the clients in our FIT-focused search practice. The clients we serve best are those who believe in the importance of how people fit their culture.

Silverado Care

The Courage to Build a Culture Centered on Purpose:
Love > Fear: a bold statement of beliefs as well as of values. At Silverado, this motto truly defines the way people feel about the care they deliver, and everyone in every role clearly believes they are involved in delivering care. Each Silverado associate operates with purpose and is inspired to enhance the lives and boost the spirit of every community resident and those who entrust Silverado with their care.

The Courage to Build a Culture Centered on Purpose:
At Silverado, standards for team members are at the highest levels in terms of credentials and qualifications, but even the best of these are not enough to make a person belong as part of the Silverado family. Special qualities are also required, including a blend between capability and caring, between knowledge and perspective, and between understanding and insight – these special people are not easy to find. Silverado people must truly be inspired to embody the Love > Fear philosophy.

Silverado’s Clients Can Count on Consistency:
Loren Shook and Steve Winner established Silverado based on this guiding belief and foundational principle. Unlike other organizations that may lose touch with their principles while experiencing extensive growth and success, Silverado remains true to what they have always believed to be most important. Everyone at Silverado believes that each person under their care deserves to receive nothing less than an unwavering consistency and commitment to these principles from the Company and every one of its people.

I hope this profile provides you some ideas relative to how company cultures evolve. We would love to help your company or other companies you know in recruiting winning talent.

McDermott & Bull Executive Search – The FIT Practice
We believe that “the most important things” in the cultures of our clients serve as key tools that we leverage to ensure FIT, along with using our own proprietary tools. When talent FIT is truly ideal, everyone and everything benefits… not just the candidate and the company’s results, but synergy is created that benefits every other employee, their families, and each of the company’s customers. Please take two minutes to view our Culture FIT Video. Please look below to learn about our recent search successes. Thanks very much!


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