Below, I’d like to give you an update on Networking Nancy’s progress and activities in her job search. I’ve also included some questions that Nancy is interested in hearing your thoughts on. Please feel free to post comments if you have any advice for her or share your experience if it might help her or others in their job search. To read the introduction and learn more about the profile of “Networking Nancy”, please click here.

Activity: It’s been an upbeat week for Nancy. She had a good discussion with a potential employer who’s invited her to the 2nd round of interviews for next week. During her last few really productive weeks she met with working people who are motivated to help her meet other people in companies. For those of you not aware, Nancy’s been trying to break into healthcare and it’s been a difficult journey moving into the hospital field. She did mention that it’s not as difficult to break into non-hospital healthcare companies. Also, she has something going on in the alternative energy industry. She’s also exploring the non-profit field since realizing it would be a good alternative career path long term, even thinking she could eventually run a non-profit organization. Having downsized her lifestyle, she could take a lower comp package, feel good about what she’s doing and still be able to take care of her family.A few weeks ago Nancy joined a women’s hospital association and has been networking a lot with their assistance. She submits her resume to multiple companies weekly but because of her substantial network, hers was pulled from one pile based on a personal reference, which reaffirmed her belief that networking is working for her. She’s done some public speaking and facilitating for a local networking organization that helped her build her brand with new folks, including several CEO’s and other working senior executives.
Accountability: Rather than letting it get her down that her accountability partners over the past year have just landed jobs (one about 2 months ago and another just in the last 2 weeks) she’s feeling good about having connected with another person and she’s keeping her 9:30am Monday morning meeting.
Goals: Although, Nancy’s had 1 interview in the past two weeks, she has a 2nd interview to look forward to next week. She plans to send a special report to a high growth company that she’s identified and see if she can get the CEO to speak with her. She might utilize the OC Business Journal Book of Lists and send reports to the high growth companies there, especially if they don’t have a senior strategic HR leader.
Setbacks: Overall it seems things are extremely slow going for those looking for work as most of the positions out there require specific industry experience, but Nancy spends about 35 hours weekly on her job search. Her kids have said, “Mom, we feel like you’re back to work,” because she’s been up and out the door early, in a business suit, with things to do and people to meet. She’s fully engaged; just not getting paid…yet. She got a call this morning about some potential contract work. Just more affirmations that people are calling her, based on her network. When Nancy starts to feel a little bit embarrassed that she’s been in job search for so long she tells herself that she can’t think like that since the real unemployment level is probably 25%, made up of people just like her who keep pushing forward.


  • Nancy’s been concerned about being too aggressive in her job search in the past, but still wants to be proactive. Question: Where do you draw the line?
  • She refers to herself as a superb networker. Question: Given the number of interviews she’s had since her transition began over a year ago, is she focusing too much on this strength and not enough on others that will help her get to her ultimate goal of more interviews to land the right job?

Please leave your thoughts and suggestions to Nancy so we can get the best ideas out there. Feel free to share whether you’ve been experiencing something similar…or completely different.