But if anything is certain it is that no story is ever over, for the story which we think is over is only a chapter in a story which will not be over, and it isn’t the game that is over, it is just an inning, and that game has a lot more than nine innings. When the game stops it will be called on account of darkness. But it is a long day.

From the novel All the King’s Men by Robert Penn Warren

But, what does “the story” mean? Where can it be found and why has it come our way? We ask about our world, but we really seek answers about ourselves.

The meaning that it holds must be our meaning. The ability to see it means we must take off our blinders. Understanding why it comes must match with the needs within our own souls.

How often do we let our fear get in the way of embracing new things? Perhaps they aren’t really new at all? Maybe they were always part of us and we were just waiting for their arrival on the conscious scene?

…a song ain’t a song until someone starts singin’

from the song Too Late to Quit by The Wallflowers

Here’s to all of us enjoying our never-ending stories.

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