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We’re your trusted partner when time is crucial and you need an immediate interim solution for your team.

Interim Solutions for Your Business Needs

We address crucial business challenges so that you can focus on the bigger picture.


We provide immediate leadership solutions to guide organizations through maternity leaves, retirements, long- or short-term disability leaves, immediate vacancies, and more.


We address pre-merger challenges and transitions as well as post-merger integration to ensure everything runs seamlessly.


We place the best talent to spearhead operational restructuring, process redesign, and new initiatives.


We facilitate private equity firms when they make a new investment or turn around a portfolio company.


We place leaders who manage change through growing pains and significant loss.

What is Interim Leaders?

McDermott + Bull Interim Leaders provides on-demand, senior-level consultants to bridge open management gaps and execute project work. We get involved when urgency is your priority, with placement turnaround times ranging from 48-72 hours.


48-72 Hours

We provide immediate placements within 48-72 hours of your request.

What to Expect



We offer a unique and personalized approach to solve for your specific needs.


Our engagements allow for changing time frames at no additional cost.


Our well-established consultant network allows us to provide immediate placements within 48-72 hours of your request.


Our consultants have extensive experience in senior-level roles across various industries and integrate with your teams as if they were employees themselves.

Our Approach

Using Lean 6 Sigma principles, we deliver an efficient and streamlined solution.

+      ASSESS

We conduct an in-depth assessment and collaborate with you to determine your mission-critical objectives, which include operations, procedures, and culture.


Within 48 hours, we conduct rigorous screenings of our network to qualify a selection of interim leaders that fit your needs.

+      SECURE

We work quickly to secure the right leader within 72 hours.

+      MANAGE

Throughout the engagement, we work with you and the interim leader to assess performance and ensure mission-critical objectives are being met.


Upon completion of the assignment, we navigate the seamless transfer of resources and knowledge capital.

Our Functional + Industry Expertise

Our experienced team works across various functional areas and industries to quickly and effectively match your needs with the right candidate.

Become an Interim Leader

We specialize in placing finance and accounting, technology, human resources, and operations functions. If you’re interested in being considered for an interim opportunity, please apply via the link below:

Articles + Insights


Why do companies need interim leaders?
There are various reasons why organizations seek assistance from interim talent, such as:

    • The departure of a key leader
    • During times of organizational transition or growth 
    • Transactions, including private equity investment, funding rounds, public offerings, company sales, etc. 
    • Significant projects, including business transformation, transactions, and enterprise systems integration
    • When there are projects to be executed, but a company does not want to make a full-time hire
What industries or functions does McDermott + Bull Interim Leaders focus on?
We support companies across a wide spectrum of sectors and find interim leaders to fill roles across the enterprise, including:

  • Accounting + Reporting
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Operations + Supply Chain
  • Information Technology
Who are the interim leaders?
We have an extensive, nationwide network of consulting executives who are experienced, hands-on, and interested in leveraging their talents to help companies thrive in times of need.
How quickly can McDermott + Bull Interim Leaders provide an interim solution?
We provide a slate of qualified interim leaders to a client within 48-72 hours of their request, allowing the interim leader to impact the organization within days.
How do you support private equity firms?
Private equity firms have a high demand for results and need executives who can come in quickly and assist their management teams on an interim or project basis.
How long is a typical consulting engagement?
Our consulting engagements generally last four to six months, however, there is no minimum or maximum duration. Our clients can scale their engagement up or down as their resource needs evolve.
What matters to you, matters to us.

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