Do your research

Know how to install and control virtual conference platforms. Make sure your video and camera are working properly. Below are the top 5 video conference tools:

Dress for success

Remember, this is still an interview so make sure you are dressed the same way as you would an in-person interview.

Be aware of your environment

Make sure you have a professional setting background. Try to remove all sounds like television, phone or email notifications so the noise isn’t distracting. If possible, make sure your pets or children are in a designated area so they don’t make unannounced guest appearances.

Create a personal connection

Does the interviewer have something in the background that you could connect with; a degree from a college, a book, or an outdoor view to comment on the weather. Building a personal rapport helps with the ease of what feels like a transaction vs. relationship.

Showcase projects, presentations, etc.

  • If you’re in marketing, bring up a current or previous company website development, or online strategy implementations.
  • If you’re in finance, open a presentation of how you executed on cost-saving initiatives or operational efficiency programs.

Practice. Practice. Practice.

Doing a virtual interview can be a little uncomfortable at first, however practicing mock virtual interviews will help with the transition. The interviewer will notice body language queues such as slouching or not looking at the webcam, be sure to practice posture before the interview and reduce the amount of “ums” so you come off clear and concise.