McDermott + Bull Employee Kudos

Thank you for nominating one of your fellow colleagues for a kudos! Nominations will be read at our monthly Bell Ringing Ceremony. Our kudos are modeled after our guiding principles:

    1. Values our people and puts them first.
    • Allows and encourages independent thinking
    • Listens to others and invests in communicating with both colleagues and leaders
    • Builds trusting relationships among peers
    1. Challenges the norm.
    • Leads by example; invites all perspectives and asks lots of questions
    • Tries new approaches and isn’t afraid to voice their opinions
    • Welcomes fresh ideas
    1. Embraces the entrepreneurial mindset.
    • Brings a solution-oriented approach to challenges
    • Stays up to date on how the business is doing in the marketplace
    • Sets personal goals and schedules
    • Learns on the fly, adapts, is flexible
    1. Takes initiative and holds themselves accountable.
    • Is proactive vs. reactive
    • Works with colleagues as partners, rather than viewing them as ‘assets’
    • Sets and meets daily, weekly, and monthly goals
    1. Has a passion for continuous improvement.
    • Takes constructive criticism well
    • Asks for feedback on ways to improve
    • Is constantly finding ways to develop and learn on their own (i.e., reading, taking classes, attending webinars)
    • Finds ways to improve processes to be more efficient
    • Seeks out mentors and is always willing to learn and grow
    1. Cares for the greater good.
    • Thinks of how individual actions affect the company as a whole
    • Finds ways to help not only their team but offers help where needed
    • Positive brand ambassador for the firm
    • Dynamics—data integrity—in the system
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