What’s Lost by Not Having an Enemy?

Think about this for a minute: what’s lost by not having an enemy?  

For most of my life, I always found myself jealous, envious, or resentful about something or somebody — the adversary or competitor. I must think I’m a pretty important guy if I felt so threatened by people or situations, when in reality, those folks are not likely spending a lot of time focused on me. 

I’ve come to realize that destructive feelings like jealousy, envy, or resentment are really just my failing to stay humble. Giving time and focus to these emotions is much more difficult if I’m at my humble best.

If we spend our energy dwelling on what worries us, I’d argue that we aren’t focusing on being a positive influence and making a difference. 

Here’s to all of us improving what we can and not letting uncontrollable factors distract us from being our best.

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