Embrace Your Inner Weirdo

Of course, some successful people are robots who would never say or do anything unconventional.

For me, that’s just boring, even if it’s logical.

We really must have the Courage to be Creative – our approach to our work needs to be a true reflection of what makes us special, and I’d argue that what makes us special stems from what we love most.

What things do you love most (fill in the blank here)? Literature, hunting, live music, UFC, gardening, Daffy Duck collectibles, soccer, history, comedy, surfing, Dungeons & Dragons, community service, er…anything!

Whatever it is, it demonstrates your depth, your curiosity, your uniqueness, but most of all, that you are genuinely capable of passion.…and passion is what attracts people. How much passion is there in being a robot, even a successful robot?

I believe our approach to our work needs to similarly bring forth our passions.

Of course, while we might feature what’s special about us, we’re not stupid – we still must make sure people know we are credible at doing what we are paid to do.

It takes courage to be creative, to be different, and to share our passions with others. However, I believe we are more convincing and genuine when we are talking about the things we love than when spouting logical rhetoric.

If you believe the best approach is to be the most logical and convincingly conventional professional you can be, then go get ‘em. For me, I’ll take my inner weirdo every time, backed up with a little (slightly boring) professional credibility.