On this episode of Insight Into Interim Leaders, host Mark McConnell, Sr. Managing Director of McDermott + Bull Interim Leaders, talks more about how M+B Interim Leaders help in times of growth.

How Interim Leaders Helps In Times of Growth

Our client was a private equity firm that had recently invested in a $300 million manufacturing and distribution company with an international footprint. The accounting department was already spread thin and was constantly fighting fires. They were dealing with overly manual processes, outdated policies, and disparate systems. Add to that the increased complexity of the acquisition they just completed, the need for more meaningful analytics around the company’s performance, and an upcoming audit.

McDermott + Bull Interim Leaders provided a senior-level controller who jumped in, helped get the accounting department caught up, and assisted with the upcoming audit. This person also integrated the recently completed acquisition and made real process improvements and automations along the way.

Part 2: How Interim Leaders Helps In Times of Growth

Our client was an innovative technology company whose human resources(HR) leader resigned. This individual left an HR function that was not fully mature or supportive of the company’s rapid growth.

The company needed to hire dozens of employees to keep pace with its scaling efforts. It also needed to upgrade its HR policies, processes, and technologies. Additionally, the executive team needed a thought partner that could operate at both tactical and strategic levels.

McDermott + Bull Interim Leaders provided an HR leader with a strong generalist background. Our consultant built a responsive HR function supporting the rapid scale of the company while preserving compliance. In addition, they addressed long-term initiatives such as leadership development, culture evolution, and strategic planning.

Part 3: How Interim Leaders Helps In Times of Growth

Our client was a publicly traded life sciences company whose head of finance resigned during a period of aggressive growth and expansion. The company needed to build out a long-term strategic plan. In addition, they required deeper analytics around products – sorted by customer, region, and profitability – because their current systems weren’t supporting any meaningful discernment of data or thoughtful analysis.

McDermott + Bull Interim Leaders provided a senior-level finance consultant with deep life sciences industry experience, who had previously built out models for companies in growth stages that needed extended strategic development plans. This consultant was hands-on, grabbing data, building out financial models, and augmenting the company’s business intelligence systems to create better dashboards and management reports going forward.