On this episode of Insight Into Interim Leaders, host Mark McConnell, Sr. Managing Director of McDermott + Bull Interim Leaders, shares a few stories from his experience.

Storytime #1

Recently, McDermott + Bull Interim Leaders supported a large consumer products company based in Southern California. The organization was in the middle of a corporate transformation and its Chief Financial Officer had just resigned, so the need to find a replacement was urgent.

We provided an experienced executive who helped with all aspects of the role, including system upgrades, organizational design, and long-term strategic planning. Our executive not only bridged the company’s executive employment gap for several months, but they were also able to seamlessly transition the role onto the new hire once their project was completed.

Storytime #2

Recently, McDermott + Bull Interim Leaders partnered with a large aerospace defense company that had an underperforming division. For several months, the organization had an open operations leadership role and, as a result, it was experiencing production delays and a backlog. We were able to provide a senior-level operations consultant who rapidly identified and executed on process improvements, resulting in increased production and better revenue performance for the division overall. 


Storytime #3

McDermott + Bull Interim Leaders recently partnered with a global medical device company that was experiencing hyper-growth within one of its California divisions. This was putting pressure on the organization’s Human Resources(HR) department across things like talent acquisition, retention, policies, and procedures.

We provided an energetic and proactive HR leader who jumped into the deep end alongside the company’s HR team and established impactful changes across various work streams. In addition, they offered valuable thought partnership around the long-term design of a more scalable HR function.