On this episode of Insight Into Interim Leaders, host Mark McConnell, M+B Interim Leaders Senior Managing Director, speaks to why companies utilize their services.

Why Do Companies Need M+B Interim Leaders?

There are many reasons why companies utilize interim executives. The most obvious example is when there’s a resignation or a termination of a key executive. This leaves a gap that might take months to fill, and companies simply can’t operate like that. Also, companies often lack the expertise they need to accomplish their goals. Merging with another company, going through an acquisition or initial public offering, implementing a new enterprise resource planning system, or turning the business around requires precise planning and a depth of experience. Our executives have been through similar situations and possess the experience necessary to navigate change seamlessly, allowing them to dive into the deep end and help companies achieve their goals.

The bottom line is that businesses are in a constant state of change and utilizing interim executives allows companies to be agile when responding to these critical situations.