Jacquie Varkony

Partner, Executive Search

Jacquie Varkony serves as a Partner at McDermott + Bull Canada and is part of the firm’s Real Estate Practice, based in Toronto, ON. With a focus on human resources, commercial real estate, sustainability, private equity, and life sciences, she has successfully completed hundreds of executive-level searches throughout her career. 

Jacquie has over 20 years of experience leading human resources teams for public and private companies, allowing her to provide perspective from her corporate background when partnering with clients. Drawing from her extensive background as a people leader, Jacquie approaches search through the lens of culture, diversity, and fit. Her multidisciplinary approach, augmented by her true grit, makes her uniquely successful at leading complex searches. 

Jacquie is an MBA-educated professional with a Bachelor of Science in biochemistry and psychology and a specialty in organizational behaviour. Recently, Jacquie completed a certification in artificial intelligence at MIT, focusing on its strategic impact on human capital in business. She is passionate about mentoring young talent and has mentored many high-potential junior executives throughout her career. In her spare time, she immerses herself and her family in tennis, golf, skiing, and traveling and is involved in many board commitments.