We know what bad leadership looks like, but are we as versed at recognizing good leadership when we see it?

Good leadership is difficult in 2020.

The economy is challenged, and most of us are focused on COVID-19.

Tough decisions must be made.

Mistakes will happen.

People are struggling, yet we must keep our teams positive.

We are busier than ever, yet we need more time to catch the waves of change.

As stated by Christine Kininmonth in The Growth Faculty, if you are a good leader, you will:

  • continually build excitement around your vision, and pursue it relentlessly;
  • activate your strengths and work on your flaws;
  • be humble and share the wins to inspire, not brag;
  • help others grow so they become better versions of themselves;
  • continue to learn and encourage others;
  • work on becoming a better you without trying to make everyone else better;
  • show kindness and empathy.

We can all agree these are the traits the world needs now.

What’s notable is that these are not grand gestures, nor do they require heroic efforts. They don’t require big job titles, education, money, or resources. They also can’t be faked. These are consistent daily practices. Maybe we don’t always recognize good leadership when we see it, but instead we feel good leadership.

When we are in the presence of those who practice these traits authentically, we are left with feelings.

We feel that we matter, we feel trusted, and thereby, we trust more. We feel hopeful and inspired to be and do better. We open our hearts, minds, and ears; we even laugh and smile more.

So, the next time someone leaves you with these feelings – remember, this is what good leadership looks like.

Alisa Nagle

Alisa Nagle

Managing Director

Alisa Alaudini Nagle serves as a Managing Director and drives the firm’s global industrial, automotive, and mobility practice. She is based in the firm’s Detroit, Michigan office where she serves clients globally as a talent and executive solutions partner.

Alisa has spent over 25 years as a human capital leader and transformation business partner. As an experienced Chief Human Resources Officer and Head of Human Resources, she serves her clients as a market and leadership resource.

Alisa has lived and traveled all around the world and has held global human resources leadership roles at Ford Motor Company, Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles N.V., and Johnson Controls Inc.