Aaron Bennett

research associate

Aaron Bennett serves as a Research Associate for McDermott + Bull, where he synthesizes in-depth research to assure the placement of game-changing leaders for clients. He is responsible for pinpointing qualified candidates, ensuring outstanding correspondence, and managing data for the firm. 

Prior to joining McDermott + Bull, Aaron was a sourcer at Board.org, where he sourced executive-level contacts at Fortune 500 companies for membership in the organization’s social media, data strategy, and data privacy communities. He also worked in the sourcing and research sectors of music, Homeland Security, and geographic information system industries.

Aaron is an electronic music disc jockey and has performed at a variety of venues across the United States and Germany. He resides near Tampa, Florida and enjoys reading, exercising, and visiting the beach in his free time. Aaron graduated from Western Michigan University with B.B.A. in management with a concentration in entrepreneurship.