The Company


Industry: Banking


Entity Type: Member Owned


Operating Region: California


Size: $1B AUM


The bank required an interim CFO to fill the gap left by the departing CFO until a permanent replacement was found. This interim leader was crucial for retaining institutional knowledge and facilitating a smooth transition to the future CFO. Given the institution’s remote location, finding a permanent CFO was anticipated to be a lengthy process, necessitating the selection of the most suitable interim candidate.

The Solution

The interim leader brought decades of CFO leadership experience in community-centric financial institutions, including banks and credit unions. They had a strong background in FP+A, IRR management, investment portfolio management, and ALM. Additionally, this individual was able to travel to the client’s location and provide on-site support in a hybrid setting.


The interim leader bridged a five-month gap between the departing CFO and the newly hired CFO, allowing the client to take their time to secure the right long-term fit for the role. Once the permanent CFO was selected, the interim leader conducted a seamless transfer of institutional knowledge, maintaining the integrity of the organization’s processes and procedures. This individual also provided stability, consistency, and productivity amongst the internal finance and accounting team during the leadership transition.


The interim CFO created a template to drive efficiencies in the budgeting process and build out forecasting capabilities. Additionally, they updated and finalized the financial forecast for 2024-2025.

Prepared Multiple Earnings Releases

The interim CFO prepared multiple earnings releases for the bank, ensuring that everything continued to run smoothly and efficiently amongst the changes.

Ensured Timely Month-End Close Each Month

The interim leader made sure the month-end close process was completed in a timely manner during their five-month tenure.

Julie Francis

Julie Francis
Managing Director, McDermott + Bull Interim Leaders

Julie Francis serves as a Managing Director for McDermott + Bull Interim Leaders, where she identifies and secures highly skilled executives to address client companies’ critical business challenges, provide interim leadership, and oversee special projects. She works with executive leadership at middle-market and enterprise-level companies as well as with investment banks and private equity groups to improve operational and financial performance.