A Note from Denae Bluethmann, Senior Vice President, Recruiting + Development

As we reflect on the dynamic year of 2023 in the executive talent industry, it’s evident that various economic and demographic shifts shaped the landscape.

Through times of change, our Partners at McDermott + Bull have experienced true growth and success in their own right. In this video, Partner Sue Waterbury shares how she’s found success in her business, spanning the support she’s received from the team and its resources, the unlimited growth potential at the firm, and the cross collaboration that creates a fun and dynamic culture. 

Learn more about Sue’s and other Partners’ experiences here. 

Executive Talent Trends: Unpacking 2023 and Looking Forward to 2024

Article: Executive Talent Trends: Unpacking 2023 and Looking Forward to 2024

In the article “Executive Talent Trends: Unpacking 2023 and Looking Forward to 2024” McDermott + Bull President Brandon Biegenzahn dives into the economic impacts the market had on executive search in 2023, talent trends across industries, areas of increased demand, and an outlook for 2024.

Emergency to Opportunity: Interim Chief Executive Officer Improves Credit Union’s Operations + Commercial Lending Strategy

McDermott + Bull Interim Leaders brought in a CEO with deep experience as a Chief Lending Officer in the credit union industry and a strong background in commercial lending.


Vetted and signed a new commercial loan provider and drafted and approved new commercial lending policy, guidelines, and risk matrix.


Successfully completed the DFPI/NCUA exam and subsequently executed a plan to address the findings.


Raised annualized interest income on cash portfolio by $50k a year by moving more cash through high interest savings accounts instead of checking accounts.

Featured Placements

Women In Aviation

Lynda Coffman, Chief Executive Officer

In this role, Lynda will spearhead the business development and strategic direction of the 17,000-member nonprofit organization. Collaborating closely with the board of directors, Lynda will oversee…


Nihon Kohden

Thiru VD, Vice President of Service

Thiru will be instrumental in developing and implementing a strategic plan to integrate newly acquired resources, supporting the company’s growth ambitions in…


Samaritan Daytop Village

Briana Hofe, Vice President of Quality Improvement + Compliance

Briana will be instrumental in providing organizational leadership and direction in enhancing patient experience and quality…


Bryan Carter, Talent Associate

Bryan Carter
Talent Acquisition Partner

Bryan Carter serves as a Talent Acquisition Partner for McDermott + Bull’s Internal Recruitment + Development Team, where he leads research initiatives that support the firm’s expansion, including the recruitment of Managing Directors, Principals, Research Associates, and more. 

Bryan started his career at digital marketing start-up SimplyBe., where he served as Head of Executive Operations. He was also the Co-Host + Creative Producer of the SimplyBe. Podcast where he held conversations with innovative entrepreneurs, New York Times best-selling authors, National Football League athletes, and Hollywood showrunners. Bryan continues to utilize his passion for cultivating explorative conversations through his own podcast, BC’s Corner.

Josie Crete

Josie Crete
Talent Acquisition Partner

Josie Crete serves as a Talent Acquisition Partner for McDermott + Bull, where she assists with internal hiring and growing the company. Josie primarily focuses on finding new Researchers, Recruiters, Principals, and Managing Directors for the firm.

Prior to McDermott + Bull, Josie was a recruiter at Northwestern Mutual, where she was responsible for hiring wealth managers and internal team members, as well as leading the firm’s internship program. Before this, she served as a recruiter at Southwest Airlines. Josie has a huge passion for helping others and guiding people toward life-changing careers. She currently resides in Denver, Colorado.