The Company


Industry: Technology + Entertainment


Entity Type: Private Equity-Backed


Operating Region: United States


Size: $25M


The private equity firm was preparing for the sale of their portfolio company and the transition of the founder to another role. They urgently needed a seasoned industry executive to facilitate the transition and oversee company leadership in the interim.

The Solution

McDermott + Bull Interim Leaders deployed an interim CEO to chart a new course, reduce losses, and align a management team facing turbulent times. This executive brought deep industry expertise with experience in turning around and restructuring companies.


The interim leader evaluated and embedded strict agile processes, driving increased customer support and satisfaction. During his seven months, he retained the entire leadership team through a difficult transition leading up to the sale of the portfolio company.


Exceeded revenue goals for the year by 10% and added significant value.


Supported the private equity firm with a successful sale of their investment.


Retained the entire leadership team throughout the transition and sale process.

James Hickey Headshot

James Hickey
Senior Managing Director, McDermott + Bull Interim Leaders

James Hickey serves as a Senior Managing Director for McDermott + Bull Interim Leaders, helping companies with mission-critical needs for talented executives during key points in their life cycle. He also works closely with Private Equity Groups to help their portfolio companies when there are gaps in leadership or to provide additional support to the team during critical transactions.