The Company


Industry: Banking


Entity Type: Public


Operating Region: Western U.S.


Size: $1B


The client’s CFO was leaving and gave the company three weeks’ notice. The organization had critical month-end and quarter-end reporting requirements, so they could not afford to leave the position vacant while they looked for a permanent replacement.

The Solution

McDermott + Bull Interim Leaders deployed an interim CFO who had over 20 years of experience serving as CFO of various community banks. The consultant’s in-depth industry knowledge, eagerness to take on additional responsibilities, and hands-on work ethic made him an exceptional fit for this opportunity.


The interim leader provided six weeks of coverage while the company looked for a permanent CFO. The consultant spearheaded key filings and documentation, assessed and implemented processes to reduce inefficiencies, and recommended improvements for the department.


10-Q + 8K

Completed 10-Q and 8-K filings, while making numerous updates and corrections to the existing 10-Q.

Financial Report

Completed and presented their financial report to the board.

Process Improvements

Drove process improvements for calculating the valuation of their preferred stock.

Julie Francis

Julie Francis
Director of Business Development, McDermott + Bull Interim Leaders

Julie Francis serves as Director of Business Development for McDermott + Bull Interim Leaders, where she identifies and secures highly skilled executives to address client companies’ critical business challenges, provide interim leadership, and oversee special projects. She works with executive leadership at middle-market and enterprise-level companies as well as with investment banks and private equity groups to improve operational and financial performance.