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As we wrap up Q1, I wanted to share some insights into conversations with executive search professionals throughout the industry. Across the board, the industry saw the most successful year ever in 2021 (as did McDermott + Bull) and we all faced the same challenge – bandwidth stretched to its limits due to an influx of searches. 

However, one thing that differentiated McDermott + Bull was our investment in Lean 6 Sigma, which we implemented four years ago and saw a big pay off from in 2021. Many of you have clients that utilize this methodology to remove waste from their processes. When we started Lean 6 Sigma, the goal was simple – create the most efficient search process for our candidates, clients, and our internal team, while maintaining the highest quality of delivery. 

Despite the increased search load in 2021, our time to fill decreased by 13% and was 10% lower than the industry average of 106 days. (Thrive Executive Compensation & Hiring Benchmarks 2021 Report). 

Highlighted Placement Announcements 

Karim Karti
Karim Karti

Partner News

Five Managing Directors made it to Partner last year! Click on the images below to learn more.

Ken Dropiewski

Healthcare + Lifesciences Practice

Jake Vander Zanden

Healthcare + Life Sciences Practice

Sue Waterbury

Non Profit Practice

Jason Levi Pinegar

Aerospace + Defense Practice

Jared Moriarty

Aerospace + Defense Practice

What Makes Us Different?

company coaching

Company Coaching

Executive coaching for EVERY team member in the company that wants one. We believe that by helping our people live their biggest lives, inside and outside of work, the company will thrive.

employee stock

Employee Stock Program

Newly rolled out employee stock program that gives everyone “a stake in the outcome.” 

team support

All-Star Support Team

A support system that will help you build your book of business and execute on it. We have an amazing team of trainers, executive recruiters, talent sourcers, and marketing partners that are by your side. 


Company-Wide Support

In 2020, we were committed to our team and didn’t lay anyone off. Instead, everyone with bandwidth pitched in on marketing and business development (a proud culture moment for us). When the boom came in 2021, we were ready! 

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Denae Bluethmann
Senior Vice President, Recruiting + Development

Denae Bluethmann serves as the Senior Vice President of Recruiting + Development, where she is responsible for expanding the firm into new markets — including the recruitment, training, and development of managing directors — and leading the firm’s LEAN initiatives. Denae joined McDermott + Bull in 2001 as a Senior Recruiter and the firm’s 1st employee! In 2002, she became Director of the McDermott + Bull Executive Network and established programs to help connect senior executives to their peers and the firm.