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McDermott + Bull’s Aerospace + Defense Executive Search Practice actively keeps up with the latest industry trends and insights to stimulate conversation around pressing topics and concerns. Check out the team’s video interviews with some of the industry’s top executives to learn more.

Extraordinary Careers Video Series

The M+B Aerospace + Defense Team brings you a video series with Rod McDermott, CEO + Co-Founder of McDermott + Bull, interviewing top executives in the industry at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2019.

For those that didn’t attend EAA AirVenture, the McDermott + Bull Aviation + Aerospace Practice wanted to bring one of the largest air shows to you.

Jeff Knittel, CEO of Airbus Americas, shares how building an effective team can ultimately lead to personal career development and success. 

Zean Nielsen, CEO of Cirrus Aircraft, shares how a willingness to change industries and absorb information can lead to significant career development.

Simon Caldecott, President + CEO of Piper Aircraft, shares how he got his start in the industry as an apprentice and reveals how this experience shaped his trajectory to become the executive he is today.

Ron Draper, President + CEO of Textron Aviation, shares how he landed his dream job with the company after his 20-year tenure. 

Charlie Precourt, VP + GM of Propulsion Systems at Northrop Grumman, shares how tenacity and the pursuit of your passion through education can lead to extraordinary things in your career. 

Jack Pelton, CEO of EAA, reveals how to get noticed and prepare for an executive-level position.

Mark Baker, President of AOPA, speaks with McDermott + Bull CEO, Rod McDermott, about how curiosity is the key to success. 

Jobs in Aviation Video Series – AirVenture 2017

McDermott + Bull Executive Search teamed up with FLYING to bring you thought-provoking insights on employment trends and how individuals who are passionate about Aerospace + Defense can find opportunities in the industry.

5 Leaders, 5 Questions, 5 Days Video Series – AirVenture 2016

Rhett Ross from Continental Motors, Nicolas Chabbert from Daher/Socata, Pat Waddick from Cirrus, Simon Caldecott from Piper, and Ken McKenzie from Airbus talk about the most pressing issues facing the industry today, share news about their organizations, and talk about what they are excited to see at AirVenture.

Day 1 Discussion

In 1974, the general aviation industry delivered nearly 14,000 new aircraft, and last year, a little north of 2,000. What will it take to grow these numbers again?

Day 2 Discussion

How can we get the North American pilot population growing again?     

Day 3 Discussion

With respect to your role as a leader in the Aviation + Aerospace Industry, what keeps you up at night, both challenges and opportunities?

Day 4 Discussion

What technology breakthroughs do you see helping to drive industry growth?    

Day 5 Discussion

Please share some news with us about your company here at AirVenture and what you have seen or you are excited to see while you are here this year.

Additional Videos from AirVenture 2016

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