The Company


Industry: Manufacturing


Entity Type: Privately Held


Operating Region: West Coast


Size: $100M


The company recently implemented a new ERP system and employees had started creating workarounds to the new system. Leadership required a post-ERP Implementation Project Manager to create deadlines, hold department managers and consultants accountable, and ensure the team was making progress in adopting the new system.

The Solution

The interim leader brought deep manufacturing and logistics experience, including leading 15 full-cycle ERP implementations. This individual had also been a senior member of enterprise and IT project steering and review committees, equipping them with strong cross-functional collaboration and communication skills.


The interim leader smoothly implemented the new ERP system by resolving issues and building confidence around it. They uncovered five times the number of implementation issues originally identified in the system and were able to address all high-priority issues as well as the majority of the other tasks. Additionally, this individual successfully involved and transitioned the remainder of the project to the Director of IT.

Resolved 155 System Issues

The interim leader developed a priority system for all ERP implementation issues directly resolving all key priorities and reducing tasks from 205 to 50.

Successful ERP System Hand-Off

By training and including the Director of IT, who was not involved in the implementation, the interim leader was able to hand off the remainder of the project with a roadmap.

Built out Kanban Boards

Developed manufacturing workflows that the engineering team adopted and leveraged to increase productivity.

Julie Francis

Julie Francis
Director of Business Development, McDermott + Bull Interim Leaders

Julie Francis serves as Director of Business Development for McDermott + Bull Interim Leaders, where she identifies and secures highly skilled executives to address client companies’ critical business challenges, provide interim leadership, and oversee special projects. She works with executive leadership at middle-market and enterprise-level companies as well as with investment banks and private equity groups to improve operational and financial performance.