The Company


Industry: Pharmaceutical Services


Entity Type: Privately Held


Operating Region: U.S.


Size: $100M


The company was growing quickly and needed an interim Chief Financial Officer to further develop its finance function, professionalize accounting, and scale both departments.

The Solution

The interim leader brought over 20 years of CFO leadership, spending many of these years in the pharmaceutical space. During their career, this individual gained experience scaling for geographic expansion, operating on the sell side, and increasing organic growth and revenue.


The interim leader improved, automated, and stabilized numerous aspects of the company’s accounting and finance department. Ultimately, the interim leader was so successful that the company extended an offer for the permanent CFO role, which they accepted.

Stabilized 3 Years of Financial Statements

Stabilized the financial statements from 2021-2023, ensuring reliability and accuracy through collaboration with CPAs for thorough reviews.


Increased Automation Efficiency by 50%

The interim leader automated various accounting processes, making 60% of the accounting processes automated versus the previous 10%.

Addressed Numerous Financial Challenges

Solved various financial challenges, including regulatory compliance, 401k plan management, vendor record-keeping, and company structure optimization.

James Hickey Headshot

James Hickey
Senior Managing Director, McDermott + Bull Interim Leaders

James Hickey serves as a Senior Managing Director for McDermott + Bull Interim Leaders, helping companies with mission-critical needs for talented executives during key points in their life cycle. He also works closely with Private Equity Groups to help their portfolio companies when there are gaps in leadership or to provide additional support to the team during critical transactions.