The Company


Industry: Construction + Repair Services


Entity Type: Privately Held


Operating Region: Midwestern U.S.


Size: $200M


The company had experienced rapid growth and was working to harmonize procedures across the organization, improve performance, and eliminate billing issues. They needed an interim Project Manager to identify gaps and bottlenecks, develop a roadmap of process improvement recommendations, and implement them against the recommendations.

The Solution

The interim leader brought significant experience addressing back-office functions and evaluating issues within field operations. By conducting a deep dive into the organization’s business processes, the consultant aimed to uncover discrepancies between back-office operations and field operations. This comprehensive analysis involved examining workflows, communication channels, and data management systems to identify areas for improvement.


The interim Project Manager conducted a deep dive into the organization’s processes and challenges and was able to quickly optimize the back-office operations and streamline processes. By consolidating paperwork and forms, they managed to release bottlenecks and save time, which significantly enhanced efficiency and productivity within the organization.

Created Action Plan for 59 Urgent Items

The interim leader identified 59 urgent action items through a performance data analysis. They developed a baseline and action plan for the organization to address all items.

Implemented 18 Action Items

The consultant successfully solved 18 of the action items and began the process of addressing the 41 remaining action items.

Optimized Workflow

They actively implemented changes to enhance operational efficiency, including creating a new organizational chart and process, mapping out operations and billing processes, and implementing action plans to improve billing.

Mark McConnell

Mark McConnell
Senior Managing Director, McDermott + Bull Interim Leaders

Mark McConnell serves as Senior Managing Director for McDermott + Bull Interim Leaders, where he forges relationships with companies addressing transition, change, and transformation. He partners closely with clients who require on-demand consulting resources to bridge leadership gaps and propel their business forward. He has experience working with emerging and enterprise-level companies across numerous industries and has depth in functional areas such as finance, accounting, human resources, and operations.