I had a dream about flying machines. These crazy people were trying to make a machine that would allow them to fly…in the air! These people were mad; people are not supposed to fly – everyone knows that! In the dream, everyone simply knew this was wrong – these people had to be stopped!

Well, of course, this dream was about a time long ago – just think how crazy it must have felt when people were trying to fly for the first time.

Why did I have this dream? After waking up, I realized that I had to know why, so instead of going back to sleep, I got up to write it down to make sure I would not forget.

After reflecting on the dream, I could not help but think about another “dream” that drives my life, and I think it may be a little like flying was back when. Maybe that was what the dream really meant?

You see, for the past eight years, along with a growing community of others, I’ve been living into a passionate vision of creating relationships between people who are personally successful but who also care about helping those in need (this defines a “Difference Maker”). We believe that these ideal-fit relationships will generate synergy for good and more people’s lives will be better and stronger as a result.

Stop and think for a minute about our world today – there is so much emphasis on competition and winning at all cost; the idea of us working together to make a difference in this way must just seem crazy!

Sometimes, it feels that our society has come to believe that many of the more unfortunate in our community are simply hopeless – that nothing will reverse the trend of the past 40-50 years that has created such a divide between the haves and have nots.

Believing in flying machines was a little bit like believing that our world can be a better place for everyone. I guess flying was not so far-fetched after all.

If what our community movement believes is true – that helping more lives be better is something we can positively influence – perhaps we can help more people fly toward their dreams.

What do you believe about the future of our communities and each of the lives in them?

Thanks for sharing time with me; as always, I welcome your feedback. Please feel free to pass this message along to others who may find value.

Announcing a Special Social Responsibility Program for Mid-Market Companies

  • Providing companies a competitive advantage while making a big difference in the community
  • While mid-size companies and their employees may desire such a program, these companies may not have the resources to do this on their own.

OneOC is rolling out the Center for Business and Community Partnerships as 2015 begins, providing easy-to-access tools for companies to engage their employees in volunteer opportunities, to facilitate employee giving and company matching (including use of unique “Giving Cards”), and also in establishing Corporate Foundations. Please take two minutes to view the video at the link below.

Video: OneOC Center for Business and Community Partnerships

Please let me know if your company would like to learn more about how this program might be of assistance – our team at OneOC would love to visit you at your convenience.


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I believe creating relationships that truly fit makes a big difference in the world