On this episode of Insight Into Interim Leaders, host Mark McConnell, M+B Interim Leaders Senior Managing Director, provides insight into the compensation expectations of interim leaders.

Compensation Expectations for Interim Leaders

Interim leader rates vary depending on the seniority level of the consultant and the complexity of the work they will be conducting. Ultimately, our clients have control over the scope and duration of the work that we do. We know that our clients are making an investment. The good news is our consultants are action-oriented thought leaders who know how to get things done and often leave a strong impact on organizations long after we’re gone. 

 Clients have the option to convert our consultants into permanent employees, and this often occurs when there is a strong alignment and fit between the consultant we’ve placed and the client’s goals. The bottom line is that we prioritize keeping our consultants and clients on the path that they want to take throughout the entire process.