Looking at the waves rolling in and out again, over and over.  Do you ever wonder if they get bored?  For goodness’ sake, it’s always the same, isn’t it?  Wouldn’t that be tough to handle?  Isn’t variety and diversity the whole idea?

Well, perhaps they think about all the life in the sea for whom the ocean represents home – for all the plants, fish and animals, it’s really not boring.  Maybe the waves think about that.

How about the fishermen who make a living or feed their families directly from the sea? Do the waves think about them?  Who knows, if they did, they might feel a little better about their otherwise dreary and repetitive experience.

And the children and families who love to visit the beach, some for the first amazing time, could it be the waves get a little pleasure out of making that possible?  Maybe creating happiness is also part of the “deal”?

We can try to imagine how others feel about their lives, but we just can’t know.  Sometimes a positive attitude and outlook in someone else may seem surprising to us, but did you ever notice that it’s really hard not to like someone who feels good about their life and about their world?

Wishing you a little positivity and purpose for your path forward.

Thanks for sharing time with me; as always, I welcome your feedback.  Please feel free to pass this message along to others who may find value.