The Big Question: What am I?

Charlie has an extensive background in the media and entertainment technology industry, but not in media companies that develop content like Disney, CBS, etc. He has an even deeper background in IT technology applications that are software related.

When he started his search, Charlie was focused on his media domain knowledge, but with that industry is going through tremendous contractions including further layoffs and consolidations, he had to ask if it was a wiser idea to step back and position himself as a technology turnaround guy rather than a broadcast tech executive? Another question that I posed in my last blog that continues to plague Charlie is, “Am I a potential threat to CEOs and therefore should I be reaching out to board members instead?”

Charlie’s Recent Successes
Networking has been a tried and true strategy to stay connected and open the door for more opportunities both while in transition and while working. Charlie joined the McDermott & Bull Executive Network during his last transition and has stayed involved, which helped him to maintain his network. He’s also established relationships with about 30 retained search consultants throughout the world in the broadcast space. Strategically, he’s targeted the technology and media leaders of the top 10 search firms, as well as the local firms in Southern California.

His network helped him get 4 interviews in 5 weeks as a result of contacts through:

  • Retained recruiters that he previously knew (2)
  • A direct mail campaign (1)
  • A job posting on the Ladders, which he received a call from the CEO who reviewed his submitted resume (1)

Charlie’s Personal Challenges
“Why is he in transition?” Charlie was hired specifically to transform his last company. The son-in-law of the major family shareholder got rid of the top 20 executives at the company after a dispute about strategy. Charlie hasn’t had any down days, so far, as he knew this coming months in advanced and was already geared up. Charlie is cautiously optimistic that his transition period won’t be a very long one, although financially and mentally, he’s prepared for a 12-month search.

His biggest concern about his search is that he’s already questioning his strategy after only 5 weeks, given the weakness in his core industry. Of the 90,000 attendees at a recent industry conference, it felt to him as if 1/3 were exhibitors, 1/3 were visitors, and 1/3 were job seekers.

Advice to Charlie
If you have any advice or thoughts for Charlie, or if you’ve had a similar challenge, please share your comment below so we can help get the best ideas out there:

  • Should he change his plan and brand himself as a tech turnaround guy or a broadcast guy?
  • Should it be one or the other?
  • Why can’t it be both?