Culture matters. A Case Study in Trust
I wanted to offer insight for you into the profile of one of the clients in our FIT-focused search practice (see the practice description below). The clients who we serve best are those that believe in the importance of how people fit their culture.

Golden State Foods

Values Make the Difference…
Golden State Foods (GSF) can be trusted to fulfill every commitment – yes, consistency and reliability are guiding values at GSF. The Company has an unmistakable reputation for “doing the right thing” every time. The people of GSF are all stewards of the founding principles of discipline and an unfailing commitment to excellence in performance and unparalleled service to their customers, their partners, and each of the local communities where the Company operates.

Authentic Leadership…
The core of GSF is their unequivocal commitment to mutual respect and authenticity, starting with each employee and extending to every constituent that is touched by GSF and its people. The company lives by a courageous creed with mutual respect as a central theme. However, serving customers the right way sometimes means making tough choices, and GSF people believe that facing the truth and doing the “hard things” is the most respectful way to lead.

Trust Equals Growth…
An undeniably deep-rooted trust exists in all the relationships within the Company, with partners and with the communities served by GSF. Leveraging this foundational trust, GSF people are empowered to take action and make decisions in the best interest of customers. Trust is a mainstay of what makes GSF special and will most certainly keep it growing into a very bright future.

McDermott & Bull Executive Search – The FIT Practice
We believe that “the most important things” in the cultures of our clients serve as key tools that we leverage to ensure FIT, along with using our own proprietary tools. When talent FIT is truly ideal, everyone and everything benefits… not just the candidate and the company’s results, but synergy is created that benefits every other employee, their families, and each of the company’s customers. Please take two minutes to view our Culture FIT Video. Please look below to learn about our recent search successes. Thanks very much!


Jeff Black
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I believe creating relationships that truly fit makes a big difference in the world