We all meet new people every day. We all also have best friends and wonderful relationships in our lives, and those relationships all started out as new people we met. It’s hard to know when a special one is going to happen – but it’s possible every time.

This possibility fascinates me; the trust that it takes to transform new relationships into great ones is a wonderful part of life.

Any time that people come together in a community…any kind of community…opportunities are created to build lasting trust. Many people I meet are equally fascinated with the idea that great things, and great trust, can be built through the possibilities in new relationships.

I had a recent experience watching this possibility coming to life: As my daughter and I enjoyed the Father-Daughter dance at her wedding – four uninterrupted minutes in the midst of a wild and wonderful day – we noticed so much of this possibility in the circle of people around us. This wedding, like most, brought together very different worlds and perspectives. As we danced, we discussed how amazing it was that people from so many different places and cultures had come together unexpectedly at that moment. These wonderful trust possibilities will play out over the years in a new bigger (and greater) family. We are all so fortunate to receive this gift.

Let me propose a truth – relationships that never happen, never generate greatness. There are so many opportunities for all of us to create “trust synergy” in our lives. It’s always exciting and valuable to bring people together from different perspectives to create new relationships – it’s true socially with people who share common interests, it’s true for community initiatives like DifferenceMakersOC, and it’s also true with business networking connections.

How does the trust happen? Of course, there is a ton of great material out there on the subject, but here is a possible model: It starts with being comfortable enough in our own skin to be open to trusting. Then, we have to suspend disbelief and have faith that trusting creates possibility – we really cannot fear risk if we hope to trust. Trust also requires a two-way relationship, so it calls for a lot of listening and a genuine interest in and caring for another person.

I believe that the abundance mentality, versus a fear of scarcity, provides the ideal foundation for creating, enabling, embracing and nurturing trust.


Let’s learn what this community believes it takes for trust to thrive in relationships. Please email me and identify three words that you feel describe the keys that make trust flourish in relationships. We will compile the results and share them with everyone in a follow up communication. This will be fun. Thanks in advance for participating.


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I believe creating relationships that truly fit makes a big difference in the world