“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark;  the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.”   ~ Plato

It can be blinding. That moment of insight where you recognize the reality of the world and your place in it are not as you’d thought. Your stomach churns, your hands sweat and your mind races. It’s that primal instinct kicking into high gear; fight or flight. How do you respond?

Sometimes the dark just feels good, like a cool winter evening wrapped in a comforting blanket. Not much is required when little can be seen and in many ways this is the reason why we, all too often, surround ourselves with the mundane and meaningless things of life. It’s convenient. It’s an excuse. It’s a crutch. It’s the deception of the night.

It can be revealing. Our world is full of light. Ample opportunities to live, learn and love more; to fight the fear of the unknown and step out of our comfort zones. As our eyes begin to adjust to the introduction of new light, we begin to focus, we adapt, and we grow. Things become clearer as we more fully absorb the literal nature of ourselves and our surroundings. It’s the moment of revelation and the choice that must follow that makes all the difference. How do you choose to respond?

What are we afraid of? Do something! The light is warm and diverse, a spectrum of colors. It can sustain us and bring new life and it’s often waiting for us to step into its glow. As we develop and further challenge our hearts, minds and souls, fighting the fear of the unknown, we remind ourselves and the world around us that we can become something better than we were before. We can change. We can grow. We can live a lights on life.