Today I want to talk about counteroffers. Counteroffers are something we’ve seen a lot more of the past couple of years. Nothing is worse than having a search go really well, find a great candidate, offer accepted and then you get a call the next day letting you know that they accepted a counteroffer. What we do here at McDermott & Bull is encourage the candidate to do their own Google search on counteroffers. First fourteen lines in that search will show you the evils of accepting a counteroffer. Secondly, ask the candidate when they’re giving their notice. Are they expecting to be given a counteroffer? How are they going to address that and deal with that once they get it. And then certainly the next day check in with them and see how they’re doing and make sure that the offer or any potential counteroffer has been overcome. It’s a great time to celebrate at that point, but don’t celebrate early; counteroffers are tough. Otherwise, if you have any questions about this feel free to contact me anytime.