Watching the NBA Playoffs and the first game of the finals last night, it got me thinking, what does it take to put together a championship level team? Going back to the team interview after the Eastern Conference Finals, it appears it takes much more than raw talent. Lebron mentioned how in addition to their performance on the court, the relationship and bond of brotherhood that his teammates have in the locker room was key in making it to their 3rd straight Finals. Chemistry, as they call it, helps wins championships. Everybody has to know and accept their role. Even the best offensive players can’t win Championships on their own. Take Jordan for example, who scored 64 points in a playoff loss before relying on his team. As an Executive Retained Search Consultant and avid athlete, I would think that building a successful Executive team is based on key hires to promote a winning atmosphere as well. I wonder, how important “fit” beyond the skills listed on a resume are to you?