”It almost makes you wonder what else you don’t know about yet.”

— From the National Book Award winning novel Charming Billy by Alice McDermott

We spend so much energy trying to be our best, when in reality, we are not ever our best because of what is yet to be learned.

Some work environments only recognize today’s greatness. Wouldn’t it be great to be in — or better yet, to build — environments that truly celebrate the learning and growing that the “best” talent are constantly accomplishing?

Achievement indicators are normally focused on short-term goals, but the truly wise organization is the one that also measures the steps toward long-term achievements. This broadened focus is also key to creating the ideal bond with your great talent and keeping them loyal to your organization.

It’s always great to have the answer, as we can help a lot by knowing what to do. However, if we only look to our existing knowledge to provide the answer, we’ll surely find ourselves falling behind.

Wishing you new ideas, new learning, and new answers today and every day to come.

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