“…the emergency of dawn and dusk, summer and winter, the very cycle of the sun and of all the suns that were and were to come.”

From the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel House Made of Dawn by N. Scott Momaday. 

Lately, the lives of “we, the healthy and fortunate” feel like a big, uncontrollable emergency as we sit more idly than we might like on a seemingly endless series of Groundhog Days. However, this quote reminds me that there are many more fundamental things to appreciate, like dawn and dusk, moments and insights, and loved ones and caring.

Despite it all, consider that we will still deliver on our commitments – be they work, school, or service – and will develop a whole new set of stories to tell about this unexpected and hopefully once-in-a-lifetime experience that is 2020.

The great news: the sun will come up again tomorrow. The new day will still have 24 hours available. We choose how we feel about that time and what it means to us.

I wish you peace of mind and growing perspective. Let’s try to enjoy not rushing quite so much, learning from being patient, and most importantly, being appreciative of our health and our lives of opportunity.

Thanks for sharing time with me. As always, I welcome your feedback.  Please feel free to pass this message along to others that may find value.

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