It’s Not Really About You

If all you think about is your own credit and success in your business life, you may succeed. Then again, you may not.

Can you drive all of your own results with no help from others? Again, maybe — but that seems like a lonely life to me. I’d encourage you to ask yourself if loyalty from others might help you reach your goals.

A recent personal experience helps to illuminate the possibilities. Our daughter’s baby shower was coming up, and our friend Debby really wanted to help, as she always does, by preparing food for the event. Then, 10 days before the event, Debby’s 80-year-old mother-in-law had a bad fall and injury requiring surgery. Debby had stayed overnight with her every night since the fall.

Debby could have easily bowed out of helping with the baby shower when we said, “Don’t worry, we’ll take care of the food.” However, she didn’t bow out, and the shower was a wonderful success in large part because we had Debby’s great food to enjoy.

How do you think this made our family feel about her? As you can imagine, we will be first in line to help anytime she needs us.

Yes, of course you can go it alone and maybe succeed on your own. However, my experience has shown that finding ways to be selfless and generous with others in the business community can help generate more loyalty toward you. But more importantly, a life alongside others can be so much more fulfilling.

Thanks for sharing time with me; as always, I welcome your feedback. Please feel free to pass this message along to others who may find value.

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